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Computerbank’s Community Networks

SERVICES TO THE COMMUNITY Computerbank provides Internet kiosk services at the following public housing estates: Floyd Lodge Williamstown, Gordon St Footscray, Holmes St Northcote and Agg St Northcote. Our service has enabled these residents to access the Internet for free.

Twelve years computing for just $250

We are now seeing many many people return to Computerbank when its time to upgrade their computer. For example one person on a disability support pension has been with us for 12 years. During this time, GD has spent a total of $250 buying three refurbished computers from us. GD has saved a few thousand dollars by coming back to Computerbank each time it was time to upgrade. Not only has GD saved a bucket load of money but by choosing a refurbished computer, GD is also helping the environment by giving a highly manufactured piece of equipment a second life

Further Savings
Computerbank puts the Ubuntu operating system and other free open source software on each computer. Compare these free applications to the cost of paying approximately $300 every few years for the latest, safest Microsoft Windows applications.


Recycle your Tablets at Computerbank

Don’t forget when your bring your pc equipment to us for recycling that Computerbank will accept  your tablets and phones. We erase all data on your device, restore it to its factory default and test it. In 2017 we hope to offer Android Tablets  in addition to  our low cost computers for Concession Card holders. Damaged and older equipment will be recycled. We get lots of requests for tablets, so don’t forget you could make a big difference to someone’s life.