Donate or Recycle

Computerbank Victoria is committed to the environmentally friendly recycling of e-waste however due to logistical reasons we are unfortunately unable to accept all donations, please see below for more details.

Personal / Single Donations

Laptop sales are increasingly more popular and demand for Desktop computers is falling. Computerbank is pleased to accept donations of all brands of clean (not damaged) laptops and tablets suitable for refurbishment and reuse, however we are unable to accept:

  • Printers or Scanners
  • Desktop Computers*
  • Monitors / Screens*
  • Digital Media
  • Miscellaneous Cables
  • DVD Players and other Electronic Devices

These items should be taken directly to a waste transfer station for responsible recycling, there is generally no charge for household electronic waste recycling. You can find more information on nearby recycling / eWaste centers and resources at:

Disposal of eWaste in landfill will be banned from July 2019 in Victoria however eWaste is still able to be recycled for no charge at designated points across Australia. For more information on this change please see Sustainability Victoria: eWaste.

*Some exceptions do apply, please contact us if you believe your computer or monitor is suitable for donation or you have any questions (see tips below).

Business/Bulk Donations

Computerbank is happy to accept bulk donations of laptops, desktops and monitors from your business or school.

Depending on quantity and distance we can organise to retrieve these items from your location, If you are considering making a bulk donation please contact us


If you are contacting us about a potential donation it would be greatly appreciated if you could include the following information to help us asses if you computer can be given a second life:

  • Original Operating System: (E.g. Windows XP, Windows 7)
  • Computer Age: (eg. 4 Years)
  • CPU: (eg. Core i3 2.8 Ghz or AMD FX-4300 3.2 Ghz)
  • RAM (eg. 8 GB)
  • Hard Drive size (eg. 250 GB)

Note: Depending on your operating system, this information may be found in different places. We suggest checking Google for example View system specs Windows 10“, please contact us if you need help finding this information.


Complete Desktop Computers (from $60.00)