Volunteering at Computerbank

Computerbank’s volunteers range from technical experts to hobbyists and come from many cultural and linguistic backgrounds and ages.

Are you interested in recycling electronic equipment, supporting welfare and community based organisations and would you like to help enable access to computing for people on low incomes?

We use open source software on our computers (not Windows) as we are committed to using free and open source software.

Volunteering at Computerbank

Volunteers must be able to commit to 1 or more shifts a fortnight.

For any technical role at Computerbank, having Linux skills is essential. We need people with command line skills, people who can manage files from the command line and know the difference between a regular prompt and a hash prompt.

Volunteers will need to login to our website on a regular basis to add their name on a roster and to check for updates to documentation and our to-do lists via the volunteer dashboard.

Ready to apply? you can apply right now via our website using the Volunteer Application form. Tell us about your skills and ideally include your resume. We will invite you to an information session where we can discuss volunteering. Information sessions are held regularly.

Front Desk and Customer Service: VACANCY

A great way to get some IT retail experience. Volunteers who successfully complete at least 6 months solid volunteering with us may ask for a reference. Front Desk Customer Service involves volunteering on Saturdays 12.00pm to 5:00pm (every second Saturday is ok).

Duties include customer service, answering phones and telling in-store customers about our low cost Linux computers and answering any questions. Familiarity with Linux is essential as is a willingness to learn.

Technical/Buildroom and Warehouse: VACANCY

We pride ourselves on building computers that are reliable, this involves careful building of Linux computers to our requirements and checking computers to our standards. Duties also include hard drive wiping, recycling computers and components and some warehousing. Familiarity with GNOME/Mate and Linux is essential. Familiarity with hardware is always useful too.

Possible days to volunteer for are Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

  • Experience with Linux is essential for all volunteer positions
  • Component assembly
  • Linux command line experience, System Administration
  • Experience with open source packages GIMP, LibreOffice VLC, Firefox
  • Software development
  • Teamwork

In-house and Telephone User Support: NO VACANCY
Involves providing user support to new users.  Most of our users DO NOT use the command line, nor are they expected to. This role requires patience and excellent knowledge of command line, Linux and the ability to familiarise yourself with Computerbank’s customised distribution.

We provide in house and phone user support on Friday from 10:00am to 5:00pm and Saturday from 12.30pm to 5:00pm.

Will you teach me to use and develop Linux and open source software? 
We need volunteers who are familiar with GNU/Linux already. Unfortunately we are unable to provide any Linux skills training however if you are keen to learn more there are plenty of great online resources and courses to get started, PCWorld have a great article with a list of popular learning resources.