Recycle your old tablets

Don’t forget when your bring your unused pc equipment to us for recycling that Computerbank will accept your tablets and phones.

We erase all data on your device, restore it to its factory default and test it. In 2018 we hope to offer Android Tablets  in addition to our low cost computers for Concession Card holders.

Damaged and older equipment will be recycled. We get lots of requests for tablets, so don’t forget you could make a big difference to someone’s life.

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About the Author: Computerbank

Computerbank is a self funding charity run by volunteers that has been is committed to bridging the ‘digital divide’ and making computing accessible to those less fortunate in our society.

Please note: We will be closed over the holiday period from 19th of December, returning on January 15th.
From all of us at Computerbank, we wish you a safe and restful holiday period. 🎄