12 Years of computing for just $250

We are now seeing many many people return to Computerbank when its time to upgrade their computer. For example one person on a disability support pension has been with us for 12 years. During this time, GD has spent a total of $250 buying three refurbished computers from us. GD has saved a few thousand dollars by coming back to Computerbank each time it was time to upgrade. Not only has GD saved a bucket load of money but by choosing a refurbished computer, GD is also helping the environment by giving a highly manufactured piece of equipment a second life.

Further Savings
Computerbank puts the Ubuntu operating system and other free open source software on each computer. Compare these free applications to the cost of paying approximately $300 every few years for the latest, safest Microsoft Windows applications.

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About the Author: Computerbank

Computerbank is a self funding charity run by volunteers that has been is committed to bridging the ‘digital divide’ and making computing accessible to those less fortunate in our society.