About Us

  • Refurbished Computers from $30
  • Laptops available from $95
  • Our donated computers are tested and refurbished
  • We install a free version of the Ubuntu Linux operating system on our computers.
  • Computerbank is an independent not for profit organisation run by volunteers.
  • Our computers and laptops are offered to disadvantaged individuals and community groups.
  • We have distributed over 5000 computers to individuals, families, and community groups.

Computerbank is an independent not for profit organisation based in Melbourne. We started recycling and refurbishing computers in 1998. Our low cost computers are refurbished by skilled volunteers for Australian Concession Card holders. We install Ubuntu Linux on all our computers with useful software that suits most people. Not only is Ubuntu software free, thus saving you money, it is a genuine alternative to the propriety software Microsoft Windows.

Long Term Savings

  • One of our customers has been with us for 12 years. He has spent $250 total in buying three refurbished computers from Computerbank over that time. He has saved a few thousand dollars by not buying three new computers.
  • Using Ubuntu keeps the costs of computing much lower, instead of paying approximately $300  every few years for the latest, safest Microsoft Windows applications not to mention the annual cost of anti virus software.
  • By using a refurbished computer you are helping the environment by giving a highly manufactured piece of equipment a second life.

What We Do

Computerbank receives donated computers, laptops and tablets and refurbishes them with quality free software. Computers are donated to us by businesses, education institutions, not for profits and individuals. Our computers are offered to disadvantaged individuals and community groups.

We Recycle Responsibly

Equipment that is older,  broken or has reached the end of its useful life does not end up in landfill. The metals are sent to scrap recyclers here in Melbourne. Computerbank will not allow our obsolete equipment to be sent to unsafe dismantling plants in third world countries.

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About Computerbank - computer recycling and low cost computers
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