Computerbank’s Ubuntu User Guide PDF

Computerbank’s Ubuntu User Guide

All our computers are installed with the Linux free software operating system.  The User Guide covers everything from protecting your computer with a password, to information on what’s on your computer and where to find it, to how to watch a dvd,  how listen to music, how to find work you saved on the computer and to how to shut down your computer and more. Here’s a copy of our latest User Guide: Computerbank-trusty-userguide.pdf

Software on the Computerbank Computer

Computerbank computers come with over 70 programs. Here’s a list of the software available on the computer.
Archive Manager: Software to handle archives like zip, tar, bzip, rar and more
Calculator: A calculator
Character Map: Character viewer
Font Viewer: View fonts on the computer.
Gedit Text Editor: Basic text editor
HP Toolbox: Manage HP printers
Search for Files: Utility for locating files
Take Screenshot: Take a screenshot of the desktop or a window
Terminal: Access the command line
Educational software
Celestia: Universe explorer
Gcompris Education: Many educational activities in the one program
Klavaro Typing Tutor: An easy to use touch typing tutor
Libre Office Math: Advanced maths program
Tux Math: A maths game for kids
Tux Paint: A painting and stamping game for kids
Tux Typing: A typing game for kids
Learn to touch type with Klavaro Typing Tutor.
Klavaro is found by clicking on the Applications Menu > Education > Klavaro
Aisleriot Solitaire: Many patience games in one
Bugsquish: Arcade game
Chess: Basic chess game
Cuyo: Tetris like game
Defendguin: Defend the penguins
Five or More: Puzzle game
Four in a Row: Puzzle game
Frozen Bubble: Pop the bubbles
Galaga: Old school galaga
Galaga Hyperspace: Different version of galaga.
Gbrainy: Brain teaser game to keep your brain amused
GTK Board Games: Many board games in one
Gweled: Tetris with jewels
Iagano: Puzzle game
Klotski: Puzzle game
LBreakout: Gnome break out game
Lights Off: Puzzle game
Mahjongg: Another mahjongg tile game
Mastermind: A mastermind clone
Mines: Classic minesweeper game
Monkey Bubble: Pop bubbles
Nibbles: Collect balls, grow bigger
Pingus: A game very similar to Lemmings that involves saving penguins
Play on Linux: Try to load and play select Windows games
Quadrapassel: Another tetris game
Robots: Crash robots
Swell Foop: Colours and shapes
Sudoku: Test your logic skills. Number grid puzzle
Tali: Dice game
Tetravex: Similar to Tetris
SuperTux: Similar to early games of Nintendo’s Mario brothers
Help is never far away
When you open a program its help is usually found in the top menu.
Further information on any program is available on the Internet.
Go to Google and type in the name of the program.
Graphics Software
GIMP Image Editor: An advanced graphics program similar to Photoshop
Image Viewer: Simple image viewer
LibreOffice Draw: Image Editing and object drawing tool for office type work
Shotwell: Photo management software
Simple Scan: Used with scanners to scan images and documents
Internet Software
Firefox Web Browser: Lightweight and fast web browser
Gnome PPP: Configure and connect a dial up internet connection
Google Chrome: Google web browser, supports PLAY store. Google
Chrome works in a similar way to Microsoft Internet Explorer. A variety of
“plugins” are available to extend its functionality. A number of games and
‘apps’ can be installed into Google Chrome via the Google Play store.
Jitsi Instant Messenger: Multi-protocol instant messenger with web cam support
Skype: Free Voice and Video over IP chat program
Thunderbird Mail: A program for receiving and sending email
Transmission: BitTorrent client
XChat IRC: Signs into Computerbank’s online chatroom
Adobe Reader 9: Reads PDF files from Adobe
Document Viewer: Simple PDF viewer
GnuCash Finance Manager: For managing budgets
Gramps Genealogy: Genealogy system. Create a family tree
LibreOffice Access all the office applications
LibreOffice Base: Database application
LibreOffice Calc: For spreadsheets similar to Microsoft Excel
LibreOffice Draw: Drawing application
LibreOffice Impress: For presentations similar to Microsoft Powerpoint
LibreOffice Writer: A word processing program similar to Microsoft Word
Online Dictionary: Look up words, requires internet connection
LibreOffice is used for word processing, spreadsheets, slide presentation,
drawing and database programs. It is similar to Microsoft Office and It can read
and save in the Microsoft formats.
This means your files can be seen on Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac computers. Open
Office components can be found under the Office section of the Applications Menu
LibreOffice has an excellent Help section
LibreOffice can be used to create PDF files.