Recycling and the Environment

Computerbank Victoria is committed to the environmentally friendly recycling of e-waste

  • Scrap metals such as empty computer cases) are sent to our metal recycler Southern Cross Metals.
  • Helping the environment by recycling metals. Excess cords and cables are sent for copper extraction. Old and faulty computer boards, power supplies, CD/DVD drives, CPU’s, hard drives, and chips are sorted and sent for metal extraction.
  • Excess polystyrene is reused for packaging. Paper manuals, product info sheets, etc are recycled.
  • CRT monitors are sent to an Australian Government endorsed processing facility.  Monitors are difficult to dismantle safely.  They contain toxic materials and often have electric charges.  They need to be dismantled in a safe manner to protect the environment.
  • We will not allow our faulty equipment to be sent to overseas countries where they may be recycled and dismantled by unprotected children and underpaid workers.
  • Despite our best efforts we have yet to find a solution for some of the waste that is generated (plastics and lead glass) these end up as landfill once all recoverable material has been removed.