Computerbank West Melbourne recycles on Fridays 10-5pm and Saturdays 12.30 – 5pm

We recycle clean, neat, complete computers with these specifications or better.

  • Desktops: We need working, complete i3, i5 or i7  computers. We have enough Core 2 duo at the moment, our warehouse is jam packed and we are running out of space!  We will take all other computers for recycling if you drop them off to us (fee free) and you don’t have too many to bring. We wipe or destroy all hard drives.
  • Laptops: Working, we need complete Core 2 Duo, Dual Core or Celeron/AMD equivalents. We prefer i3, i5 or i7. We take all other laptops for recycling if you drop them off to us (fee free). Please remove any passwords (BIOS locks) on donated laptops. We wipe or destroy all hard drives.
  • Tablets – Don’t forget when your bring your pc equipment to us for recycling that Computerbank will accept  your tablets and phones. We erase all data on your device, restore it to its factory default and test it. In 2017 we hope to offer Android Tablets  in addition to  our low cost computers for Concession Card holders. Damaged and older equipment will be recycled. We get lots of requests for tablets, so don’t forget you could make a big difference to someone’s life.we recycle all types (fee free)
  • Apple Macs: G5 or better with original software. (fee free)
  • LCD monitors – in perfect working order, 17″ or better (fee free)

No Software disks – We don’t need Windows disks.  We erase and then reformat the computer hard drives with Ubuntu Linux and other free and open source software.

Other Hardware we recycle for Free:
  • Hard Drives: All types.
  • Memory: All types.
  • Optical Drives: All types
  • Interface Cards: All types
  • Mice:  Working optical USB mice urgently NEEDED
  • Cords and Cables: We are happy to take your excess cables


Computers can be dropped off during our opening times. If you can drop them in to us you won’t be charged a fee.

We can pick up donations of 10 or more working Core i3 or better machines in the Melbourne area. We can pick up older computers (eg Pentium 4, Core 2 Duo and earlier) for a fee….more

Items we can not take unless a recycling fee is paid:

Printers, scanners, Servers, CRT Monitors and all in one CRT based computers (eg e-mac/imac) –  Fees apply – For info regarding all CRT monitors dropped off or requiring pick up…more

Computerbank will invoice recyclers who incorrectly state equipment specifications.

FEES for obsolete or faulty equipment DELIVERED to Computerbank West Melbourne:
Monitors Fees – CRT

  • $11 each 14, 15, 17 inch working or non working CRT Monitor
  • $15 each for CRT all-in-one eg. eMac and iMac computers
  • $20 each 19, 21 inch working or non working CRT Monitors

Printers, Scanners and other item Fees

  • A fee of $5.50 or $11 is applicable for any small to medium printer donation
  • Heavy larger printers (Example 38cm x 48cm/15″ x 18″) attract a fee and  can be up to $44 for larger heavy A3 type printers. Do not bring printers leaking toner or ink to Computerbank we will not accept them.

We do NOT accept PHOTOCOPIERS photocopiers or CRT Televisions or any device LEAKING ink or toner.

A tax invoice is provided, GST is included in all e-waste handling fees