Low Cost Computers

Computerbank’s low cost computers are available to concession card holders, to students and community groups to assist to cross the digital and economic divide in Australia. Computerbank is a self funded not for profit, volunteer run community group. Our refurbished, donated, low cost computers have a keyboard, a mouse, monitor, cords, a user guide and importantly they are Internet ready and have word processing and a range of free programs. Excess stock is sold at higher prices to people without concession cards to help fund our operations. Faulty and very old equipment is recycled.

Refurbished Desktop Examples

Desktop computers for Concession Card holders 50% more for everyone else.

  • $40 Core 2 Duo 2.13 GHz to 2.50GHz 4GB RAM 160GB Hard Drive DVD Burner  17″ LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse included
  • $60 Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz to 3.2GHz 4GB RAM 160G Hard Drive DVD Burner  19″ LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse included
  • $145 i3 2.3GHz to 3.20GHz 4GB RAM 250GB Hard Drive, DVD-RW 19” Widescreen LCD
  • $160 i5 2.3GHz to 3.2GHz 4GB RAM 250GB Hard Drive, DVD-RW 20″ Widescreen LCD

open source software

 All our computers come with the Ubuntu Linux operating system  and useful software (not Microsoft Windows).

LAPTOPS from $100 for concession holders only – ask to see a laptop

Security: Computerbank’s Ubuntu operating system comes with a built-in firewall and virus protection software, Ubuntu is one of the most secure operating systems around.

Computer Recycling:  Computerbank recycles equipment unable to be reused. We recycle all e-waste locally, we won’t let equipment go into landfill. All donated hard drives are wiped (using KillDisk) or destroyed if they no longer work.

Who is eligible for a low cost computer?

  • Concession Card Holders you need an Australian Commonwealth Concession Card, a Health Care Card or a Student Card.
  • Asylum Seekers are eligible for one free $30 computer. We need proof of Asylum Seeker status and a recommendation from a Not For Profit group.
  • Not for Profit Groups are also eligible for our computers.

Warranty: Our computers have a 6 month back to base warranty if our operating system is installed, our laptops have a 3 month warranty.

How to:

Volunteers associated with our low cost computers
Volunteers at Computerbank