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Hard Drive Wiping Station

Hard Drive Wiping Station

Hard Drive Wiping Station 2

Personal data is erased from
all working hard drives


Fri  10.00am - 5.00pm

Sat 12.30pm - 5.00pm

Computerbank Victoria

483 Victoria St
West Melbourne
Victoria, Australia 3003
Phone: (03) 9600 9161



How to recycle your computer/s

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How to recycle your computer equipment

We need clean, neat, complete computers with these specifications or better.

  • Desktops: Working, complete Core 2 Duo, Dual Core or Celeron/AMD equivalents. We will take all other computers for recycling if you drop them off to us (fee free). We wipe or destroy all hard drives.

  • Laptops: Working, complete Core 2 Duo, Dual Core or Celeron/AMD equivalents. We will take all other laptops for recycling if you drop them off to us (fee free). Please remove any passwords (BIOS locks) on donated laptops.

  • Apple: G5 or better with original software.

  • Smart phones and tablets: All types.
  • LCD monitors: Any working 15"+ accepted if you can drop them off to us (fee free)

Other Hardware
Computerbank will invoice recyclers who incorrectly state equipment specifications
  • Hard Drives: All types.

  • Memory: All types.

  • Optical Drives: All types

  • Interface Cards: All types

  • Mice:  Working optical USB mice urgently NEEDED

  • Cords and Cables: We are happy to take your excess cables

Printers, scanners, CRT Monitors and all in one CRT based computers (eg e-mac/imac)Fees apply for all CRT monitors dropped off or requiring pick up. See below for costs.

Computers can be dropped off during our opening times.

We will pick up donations of 10 or more working Core 2 Duo/Dual Core or equivalent machines in the Melbourne area. We can pick up older computers (eg Pentium 4 and earlier) for a fee. See below for fees.

No Software disks - We don't need Windows disks.  We erase and then reformat the computer hard drives with Ubuntu Linux and other free and open source software. 

Email us:

Recycling older and faulty computer items

Computers that are older Pentium 4's, Pentium 3's or older are recycled. This usually means the computer is more than 10 years old. Although we know some older computers still work we haven't as yet found anyone who wants them in a working condition.

We are lucky enough to get good quality newer machines.  The newer computers we restore and sell from $20 to low income people. Some free computers are also provided.

Fees for obsolete or faulty equipment delivered to Computerbank West Melbourne:

Monitors - CRT and LCD

  • $11 each 14, 15, 17 inch working or non working CRT Monitor
  • $15 each 19, 21 inch working or non working CRT Monitor
  • $5.50 each for any faulty LCD

Printers, Scanners and other items

  • $5.50 each small printer or scanner, multi-functions and larger scanners are $11, larger printers attract a higher fee, can be up to $44 for larger A3 type printers. We do not take photocopiers.

A tax invoice is provided, GST is included in all e-waste handling fees

Can I recycle my photocopier or CRT TV with Computerbank?

No we cannot take these items. LCD TVs are ok.

Minimum recycling pick up requirements

We cannot pick up less than 10 working Core 2 Duo, Dual Core or Celeron/AMD equivalent computers.

Fees for obsolete or faulty equipment requiring pick up

Melbourne metro areas only. The minimum pick up fee is $66.

 Monitors - CRT and LCD

  • $5.50 for LCD screens that do not have a matching computer or are faulty
  • $11 for each 14 and 15 inch CRT monitor
  • $15 for each 17 inch CRT monitor
  • $20 for each 20 inch CRT monitor

Computers, Printers etc.

  • $5.50 per each under spec computer
  • $11 - 22 per large printers and computers (ie servers)
  • $5.50 for smaller inkjet printers, $11 for multifunction inkjets
  • $2 - 5.50 for other non working items

What happens to the personal data on the computer I donate?

All working hard drives donated to Computerbank are wiped using Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN) software.  This permanently removes all information from the drive. If the hard drive is not working, we will physically destroy it before sending it for precious metal recovery.

Why do you charge fees for old and faulty equipment?

It is labour intensive to recycle old equipment.  The obsolete items we receive are stored, checked then taken apart and sorted.  Obsolete equipment is then delivered to a government sponsored recycling depot.   The fee we charge goes towards leasing the building and helping with our running costs. Computerbank is run by volunteers and only has one paid supervisor on any day.

If you do not want to recycle with Computerbank Victoria please try one these depots.

Preparing your equipment for drop-off

Recycling computers is labor intensive. Doing any of the following to prepare your equipment for donation will help us speed the processing and recycling of your equipment.

  • Bring as little packaging and boxes as possible. Please recycle the boxes for your equipment through your council's recycling program.
  • Untangle all cords and cables. Coil them up with a rubber band or twist tie.
  • Attach power adapters (AC adaptors, transformers) to their associated equipment (such as powered speakers, printers or external modems) as best you can, we suggest wrapping with clear packing tape.
  • No Excess Packaging  - The polystyrene compaction centre charges for packaging so we have a 'packaging' surcharge. Please ask for details.

What are your opening hours

  • Opening times 10am-5pm Friday and 12.30-5.00pm Saturday. Other times by appointment only.
  • Our address is 483 Victoria St (near Dyrburgh St), West Melbourne.

 Recycling and the Environment

Computerbank Victoria is committed to the environmentally friendly recycling of e-waste.
  • We send faulty and excess CRT monitors to an Australian Government endorsed processing facility.  Monitors are difficult to dismantle safely.  They contain toxic materials and often have electric charges.  They need to be dismantled in a safe manner. We will not allow our surplus monitors to go to overseas countries where they may be dismantled by unprotected children.
  • We send scrap metal (mainly empty cases) to metal recycler Southern Cross Metals.
  • We send old and faulty computer boards, power supplies, floppy drives, CD/DVD drives, CPU's, hard drives, cables and chips for metal extraction
  • We take excess polystyrene (from packaging that gets sent to us) to a compaction centre where it is eventually turned into picture frames. We use some of it for packaging.
  • Most of our plastics get turned into long life building products such as fence posts and pellets via Australian Composite Technology (ACT) Vic.
  • Despite our best efforts we have yet to find a solution for some of the waste that is generated (some plastic and lead glass) these end up as landfill once all recoverable material has been removed.

Email us if you have further questions

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All working hard drives are wiped using

Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN) software.
This permanently removes all information from the drive.

 Hard Drive Wiping Station 2

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