Recycling Pick Up Requirements

We pick up computer equipment  from businesses and organisations located in the Melbourne Metropolitan area.  We do a free pick up of 10 or more working Core i3 or better machines. We can pick up older computers (eg Pentium 4, Core 2 duo and earlier) for a fee.

All working hard drives donated to Computerbank are wiped using Darik’s Boot and Nuke (DBAN) software.  This permanently removes all information from the drive. If the hard drive is not working, we will physically destroy it before sending it for precious metal recovery.

Phone: (03) 9600 9161                     Fax: (03) 9328 1679
Email:  Computerbank

Pick up Fees for obsolete or faulty equipment
Melbourne metro areas only.

The minimum pick up fee for faulty equipment is $66.

 Monitors Fees- LCD and CRT

  • $5.50 for LCD screens that do not have a matching computer or are faulty
  • $11 for each 14 and 15 inch CRT monitor
  • $15 for each 17 inch CRT monitor
  • $20 for each 20 inch CRT monitor

Computers, Printers etc Fees.

  • $5.50 per each under spec computer
  • $11 – $44 per large printers and computers (ie servers)
  • $5.50 for smaller inkjet printers, $11 for multifunction inkjets
  • $2 – 5.50 for other non working items
    We DO Not accept PHOTOCOPIERS or CRT TVS